Rocket Soccer Derby

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Rocket Soccer Derby is a frantic mixture of a soccer game, a car game and a simulation game in all-in-one. You have to drive around a football pitch and try to score goals against your opponent. You can choose to play a quick game or you can choose to enter the Rocket League. By entering the Rocket League you are joing the competition and you can earn in-game money and cogs to upgrade your car! You start in the Beginners League, but once you've got the hang of it you can quickly promote to the Intermediate League and maybe you can even reach the Expert League. Give it all and win the league!

How to play:

  • Drive - WASD
  • Nitro - LShift
  • Jump - Spacebar
  • Change camera - F

About the creator:

Rocket Soccer Derby was created by Destruction Crew. They have also created Demolition Derby Crash Racing for Poki.

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