Elixpur Idle

7Spot Games4.65,552 votes

Elixpur Idle is an idle clicker game that invites you into a whimsical world! A cat wizard seeks your aid in gathering mushrooms for special potions. Click on the mushrooms to speed up their growth, while adorable cat wizard apprentices assist in harvesting them. Deliver the mushrooms to the wizard to craft unique potions, which can be sold for profit. Use your earnings to upgrade your mushroom operation and enhance potion quality. Can you make the most marvelous potion ever together with a group of cat wizards?

How to play Elixpur Idle?

Click on the mushrooms to speed up their growth.

Who created Elixpur Idle?

Elixpur Idle is created by 7SpotGames. They have other collaborative fun games and skill games on Poki: Cow Bay, Olly the Paw, Lands of Blight, Ninja Mouse, BoxRob, BoxRob 2, BoxRob 3, Moving Truck: Bounty, Moving Truck: Construction, Moving Truck, Duo Survival, Duo Survival 2, Duo Vikings, Duo Vikings 2, Duo Vikings 3, ZomboTag, ZOOM-BE, ZOOM-BE 2, ZOOM-BE 3, Truck Loader, Truck Loader 4, and Truck Loader 5!

How can I play Elixpur Idle for free?

You can play Elixpur Idle for free on Poki.

Can I play Elixpur Idle on mobile devices and desktop?

Elixpur Idle can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.