Earth's Greatest Defender

Rémi Vansteelandt4.23,951 votes

Earth's Greatest Defender is an online action game where you must protect Earth from alien invasion and rescue human hostages! In Campaign mode, prove your skills by battling aliens across multiple levels. Select your difficulty level and characters, defeat various aliens, and rescue hostages. Feeling adventurous? Take on the speed run mode or tackle the impossible levels. Unleash your creativity in the level editor to design your own battlegrounds. Want to prove your prowess against others? Join multiplayer battles to determine the ultimate defender of Earth! Remember, only the greatest defender can survive here! Grab your shotgun and start to defend Earth now!

How to play Earth's Greatest Defender?

  • Move: WASD or arrow keys
  • Shoot: use mouse_left
  • Use grappling hook: hold mouse_right
  • Grenade: hold mouse_wheel or G
  • Change weapon: hold mouse_wheel and scroll up or down, or press number keys

Who created Earth's Greatest Defender?

Earth's Greatest Defender is created by Rémi Vansteelandt. Play their other games on Poki: SuperBrawl and Ninja vs EVILCORP!

How can I play Earth's Greatest Defender for free?

You can play Earth's Greatest Defender for free on Poki.

Can I play Earth's Greatest Defender on mobile devices and desktop?

Earth's Greatest Defender can be played on your computer and mobile devices like phones and tablets.

Can I play Earth's Greatest Defender with my friend?

Yes! Earth's Greatest Defender is a single or multiplayer game so you can play with your friends!